Roots and Forage Crops

Rising feed costs have brought about renewed interest in forage crops.

Forage crops have the potential to produce very high yields over a short growing season, combined with a flexible sowing window from early summer to the beginning of August. These crops can be fed from ten to fourteen weeks from sowing. Root and forage crops can be fed to all classes of livestock, either for milk production or live weight gain and are suitable for organic and conventional farming. These crops demand relatively modest inputs of agrochemicals and fertiliser. With their high dry-matter yields, production costs compare favourably with those for conserved grass, maize and whole-crop cereals.

At Watson Seeds we have selected, from the plant breeders, forage crop varieties which will give our customers a flexible range of crops, thus offering a suitable option for almost every farm situation.


Winter hardy, high energy full season forage crop. Spring sown with good frost tolerance providing a reliable feed source across the entire winter. Extremely high in energy compared to other root crops and produces large dry matter yields. Generally grazed in situ or can be lifted.

Fodder Beet

A very high energy, high yielding winter feed for cattle or sheep. More commonly lifted but can be grazed in situ. Management inputs can be higher than other winter feed crops and requires optimum conditions to be successful in the northern UK


A higher energy and more winter hardy brassica than forage rape. A rewarding crop when grown to it's full potential. Useful seed bearing crop in 2 year wildbird mixtures.

Forage Rape & Hybrids

Forage rape - A reliable, fast growing brassica for livestock grazing. Provides high yields of high energy feed. Reasonable winter hardiness. Hybrid - A hybrid brassica with kale and rape parentage. Resultant hybrid vigour plus kale winterhardiness and rape yield potential offers a potential advantage.

Main Crop Turnips

Faster growing than swede but slower than stubble turnips. They produce more DM yield than stubbles and are a good option where it is too late to sow swedes.

Forage Mixtures

Sowing a forage mixture can offer a level of flexibility and a performance advantage over straight stands.

Stubble Turnips

A very fast and economical crop to establish into stubbles. Can also be included in forage rape mixtures. 12-14 weeks from establish to a full crop with bulbs.

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